"Have you known the Great White Silence, not a snow-gemmed twig a quiver?

Mushed your huskies up the river?

Then harken to the wild it's calling you."

[Call of the Wild - by Robert Service]

Have you ever wondered about the wild in winter ... the words of Robert Service stirs up images of cool, clean, crisp snow and adventure in river valleys and along forested trails. Have you ever wondered about how you could enjoy Alberta's winter wonderland with safety and comfort?


Experience the joy and wonderment of winter by joining Klondike Ventures for a Dog Sledding experience.

Klondike Ventures is a family owned Adventure Company specialized in dog sledding.

We bring over forty years of  teaching experience with all ages and group configurations in outdoor and adventure education to our clients.


We have a genuine passion for our dogs and relish sharing their energy and joy for running with our clients.

This allows many folks to tick this true Canadian winter experience off their bucket list.